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Our Mulch is a top seller!  The Rock Centre uses only Cedar mulches.  Unlike other mulches, cedar will not breakdown or decompose rapidly.  Cedar also has a naturally aromatic quality to it that many people find enjoyable.  This pleasant scent also has the hidden advantage in the fact that it acts as a natural insect repellent.

Our topsoil isn't your regular topsoil, its a premium growers choice mix of bark fines, peat, manure, sand and topsoil to enhance any vegetable garden, lawn or flower garden.  This PH tested high grade 5-way mix topsoil is organic and is the number one choice for any landscape project.  It's an amazing deal at only $80 per yard.



Our flagstone selection is forever growing based on our ever-expanding customer base. 


All quarried from all parts of the world but mostly local from Northern Ontario. Our selection ranges in colour, size and thickness, perfect for every scope of installation.


Mica Quartz, Muskoka Granite, Grey Limestone, Caramel Limestone, Red Sandstone, Black Mica/Granite, Elite Blue Granite, and an assortment of veneer.

We now offer a range sawn and flamed flagstone material!

Don't forget garden edging!



Sold by the bag or by the yard depending on your vision and/or need. The Rock Centre has a wonderful assortment of decorative or non-decorative aggregates. 

Adding aggregate is a fairly inexpensive way to create curb appeal with little to no maintenance.  Whether your expanding your driveway, building a pathway or creating charisma in a garden bed, aggregate will clean up nicely and add that extra flare to your area.

Black Granite, White Dolomite, Gabion Stone, Lava Rock, Speckled Granite, Slate Stone,
1 1/4" River Stone, 2" River Stone, 5/8 Granular "A", 3/4 Clear Stone, Stone Dust Screening, Playground Sand, 3/4 Granite Pea Stone, 3/4 Jasper Pea Stone, Salmon Pea Stone.


 Custom Inukshuks, Waterfall Stone, Building Stone, Rockery and Boulders. 


All great choices to enhance any garden or property.  These wonderful decorative stones create a visual appeal that draws the eye to a focal point. 


Sometimes it's just a matter of adding a few little touches to a yard to help create an oasis that you have always dreamed of.

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